Survival Pods

Hygiene Comfort Stations

Phoenix H2O purification modules have eliminated the complexity of large-scale reverse osmosis plants with a containerized compact systems. Built with exclusive combination of high-end technologies to enable luxury survival in the toughest conditions

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis

Phoenix H2O reverse osmosis purification modules are compact fully automated system.
Self contained fully independent water purification systems designed to produce 5,000 up to over 3 million Liters per day
Grey Water Recycling

Grey Water Recycling

The Grey Water Recycling System (GWRS) takes the waste gray water from showers and laundries and purifies it to the point where it can be reused

Nano Captis Filter

Nano Captis Filter

Stop Nano Plastics from the source. Capture plastic fibers with the Nano Captis water filter container. Easy attachment to all washing machines