Nano-Plastic Filtration For Washing Machine Water Discharge

Every time we wash our clothes hundreds of thousands of microscopic plastic fibers are released into the wastewater. Because washing machines are not built with internal filtration all the tiny plastic particles and threads end up in water discharge and travel down the drain polluting the environment, effecting ecosystems, and end up in our food and drinking water.

Nano-Plastic Filter Assembly

Stop Nano Plastics at its source
Designed as a cyclone, the Nano Captis filter system rotates water inward capturing microfibers being discharged from the washing machine.

The exclusive Nano Captis plastic fiber catch-all micro weave filter is is as easy use and change out as a coffee filter.   


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Built in Filters for washing machines
Nano Captis filters are available for direct integration into commercial  and residential washing machines. 
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