Grey Water
Sustainable Water Management

Water Recycling For Commercial & Residential Buildings

Phoenix H2O grey water recycling systems brings sustainable water solutions to new or existing infrastructures.

As pressures on freshwater resources grow around the world and as new sources of supply
become increasingly scarce, expensive, or politically controversial, efforts are underway to
identify new ways of meeting water needs. Of special note are efforts to reduce water demand by
increasing the efficiency of water use and to expand the usefulness of alternative sources of
water previously considered unusable. Among these potential new sources of supply is

By appropriately matching water quality to water need, the reuse of greywater can replace the use of potable water in non-potable applications like toilet flushing and landscaping.

A greywater system captures water that has been used for some purpose, but has not come into contact with high levels of contamination, e.g., sewage or food waste. This
water can be reused in a variety of ways. For instance, water that has been used once in a shower, clothes washing machine, or bathroom sink can be diverted outdoors for irrigation

Phoenix H2O Grey water systems are now available for residential and commercial applications. 

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